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V2008_06_B Users Guide

The Complete Guide for Creating HTML Emails: Technical and Design Best Practices


File Splitter - This file splitter allows you to break down your larger files by either size or by line count. This allows you to easily upload them into the EmailLabs system as well as open them in Excel.
Click here to access the File Splitter

W3C HTML Validator - This tool is created and maintained by the group over at It gives you the ability to validate your HTML code against W3C standards. Valid HTML can aid in deliverablity.
Click here to access the Validator


The EmailLabs creative services team have created 16 generic templates for use in the EmailLabs Templating System. These templates were developed to provide ideas and usable templates incorporating email marketing best practices.

Click here to download 16 generic templates that can be used in the EmailLabs Templating System.